TOYOPEARL AF-Epoxy-650M activated resin has a high density of epoxy- functionality (ca. 800 μmol/mL). Under appropriate reaction conditions, this may be used for immobilization of proteins or low molecular weight ligands. It is particularly useful when high densities of low molecular weight ligands must be attached. Glutathione and glycine have, for example, been coupled at densities greater than 100 μmol/mL hydrated resin.

TOYOPEARL AF-Epoxy-650M resin is a highly versatile starting material for conversion to other chemically active functional groups required in special applications. This resin may be readily activated to hydrazide-bearing materials. This is particularly useful for immobilization of carbohydrates or glycoproteins. Using the reaction sequences described, special ligands may be introduced onto this dimensionally stable, macroporous support.


Coupling Procedure

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