Tosoh High Temperature GPC System


The HLC-8321GPC/HT is a dedicated high temperature GPC system applicable to various polymers like polyolefin, PPS, etc. The combination of this high temperature GPC system's superior utility, safety and environmental friendliness, and the "GPC workstation 8321GPC-WS" software enables high quality GPC measurement.


Part # 
Description  Quantity
 0023800  High Temperature GPC System HLC-8321GPC/HT
 0023801  Sample Preparation System DF-8321
 0023802  GPC Workstation 8321GPC-WS
 0023804  Column Switching Valve (8321)

Columns         Molecular-Mass Standards

[Operator Panel]




[Pump Unit]


[Column Oven]


Compatible up to 220ºC

Controllable up to 220ºC. Applicable to polymers like PPS, which dissolve in organic solvent at only high temperature in addition to polyethylene and polypropylene.

Stable Baseline

Refractive index detector (RI detector), which consists of double path & double flow system improved its stability by optimization of temperature control system for optical block.

High-speed Start-up

High-speed start-up is realized by built-in heater dedicated for RI detector. GPC measurement can be started in 3 hours under the condition of ODCB solvent at 145ºC.

Well Organized Safety System

As the GPC system is safety considered, auto-lock doors are equipped to column oven and auto-sampler. Duct for local ventilation also is equipped in Auto-sampler unit.

Easy Operation

Using GPC workstation ‘8321GPC-WS’, the system can be easily operated through warm-up, analysis and shut-down.

The main unit can also be independently controlled using operator panel on the hardware.

Report can be customized by report/layout system in the software.

Global Standard

Compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11*
(* Authentication using User ID and password, logout when finished, software validation, etc.)


Sample preparation system
Part # 0023801

 DF-8321 is a sample pretreatment system dedicated to
high temperature GPC system HLC-8321GPC/HT.
The system dissolves and filtrate target samples at a
time, which is cumbersome work in general and improves
working efficiency.

Specification of DF-8321

 Specification  Description
 Heater unit
 Method  Aluminum block heating, PID control
 Shaking frequency  10 – 100 round trip / min
 # of sample vials  24
 Temperature range  40 – 220 ºC (1 ºC step)
 Safety systems  Monitoring by temperature sensor – embedded , Software,
   Thermostat (250 ºC) - circuit
 Power supply ratings
 Voltage  AC 100 – 240 V
 Frequency  50/60 Hz
 Power consumption  400 VA
 Dimensions and weight
 Outside dimensions  300 (W) × 200 (H) × 315 (D) mm (excluding projections)
 Weight  15 kg


Column Switching valve
Part # 0023804

Handle and tubings attached

Sample Vials

Part # 0023809
Transparent, 10 mL, Qty;30, cover(PTFE) attached

Part # 0023811 , Stainless mesh 26 µm, 50 mm square, Qty; 100, 500 mesh
Part # 0023812 , Stainless mesh 96 µm, 50 mm square, Qty; 100, 180 mesh

Alminum Sheet (30 mm square)
Part # 002310 , Qty; 100


GPC Workstation
Part # 0023802,  OS:Windows® 7(32bit)

The GPC Workstation 8321GPC-WS comprises system control and data analysis software for use withHLC-8321GPC/HT.

Using USB connections, two systems can be controlled and used for analysis.

This software provides molecular weight analysis with excellent operability and high precision and allows ease of use without changing the essential concepts of analysis.


Easy Operation

Setting of items is simplified by introducing the concept of the PROJECT. In addition, the data management and analysis screens are integrated for enhanced operability.

USB Connection

USB connection allows realtime data acquisition. No interface board is necessary.

Compliant with

Authentication with user ID and password, logout method, and software validation are designed to be easily set by the user.


Multiple Word® Report Formats and Print Layouts

8 kinds of standard format are available for chromatogram reports. The chromatogram scale and output items can be changed as required. Print formats from other computers can be imported. The print layout can also be changed.

Acquisition Application:

Flow Diagram
Realtime display allows system status monitoring and easy on-screen operation. The display differs depending on the operating status of the device.
As well as RI signal, various types of information can be monitored from the system in real time. All information can be monitored on a multi-axial display to allow easy and clear viewing of analysis status.



 Specifications  Description
 Media CD-ROM
 Applications Data acquisition, data analysis, data management, report layout,
  analytical method validation, and operator manual

Software Functions

Data Acquisition
 Data acquision 2-channel (RI, UV)/1-system USB connection
 Acquisition time 0.0 to 999.9 min
 Acquisition interval 50 ms or more (10 ms steps) Upper limit: 1000 ms
Data Analysis
 Calibration Curve
First-degree expression, 3rd-degree expression 
 Approximation 3rd-degree expression + hyperbola, 5th-degree expression
  7th-degree expression, 7th-degree expression (odd power)
  7th-degree expression (odd power) + hyperbola
 Calibration Curve  Correction Mark-Houwink, Q factor, polymerization degree, USP
 Quantitative Calculation Number, weight, Z average, viscosity average molecular weight
  calculation, derivative/integral molecular weight, concentration ratio
 Special Calculation
Internal standard correction function, copolymer analysis, molecular
 Function weight fraction specific calculation, calculation range specification,
  lag time correction
 Column Test Theoretical plate number, resolution, symmetry factor, half bandwidth
 Calculation Standard ASTM, DIN, USP, JIS, JP, ISO 16014, Tosoh Standard
 Other Search, statistical calculation
Data Management
 Record Format Microsoft® Access®
 Record Items Raw data, analytical conditions, calculation results,
  instrument information
System Control
 Number of System Controls 2-system GPC (requiring two USB cables)
 Instrument For use with HLC-8321GPC/HT only
GPC Support Program
 Function Peak separation processing, GPC-8020 model II data converter,
  text converter, AIA converter
Compliant with FDA 21 CFR PART 11
 Function Software validation, authentication by user ID and password,
  logout, and audit trail
 Solvent Stocker
 Bottle  3L bottle × 1
 Method  Hot-air circulation, PID control
 Temperature  40ºC (5ºC higher than room temperature)
 Safety Systems  Monitoring by temperature sensor – embedded software,
   Thermal fuse (70ºC) – circuit, Liquid drain
 De-gas Unit
 Method  Vacuum type
 Purge System
 Method  Syringe type
 Pump Oven
 Method  Hot-air circulation
 Temperature  40 - 50ºC
   (1ºC step, 10ºC higher than room temperature)
 Safety Systems  Monitoring by temperature sensor – embedded software,
   Thermal fuse (70ºC) – circuit, Gas sensor, Door sensor, Liquid drain
 Flow Mode  Parallel (Quick return)
 Flow Rate Range  0.10 – 2.00 mL/min (0.01mL step)
   The reference flow rate is set in the ratio[1, 1/2, 1/4]
   with the sample flow rate
 Accuracy  ± 2% or ± 0.005mL/min whichever greater
   (H2O, 1 MPa or more, 1.2mL/min or less)
 Precision  ± 0.2% or ± 0.001 mL/min whichever greater
   (H2O, 1MPa or more, 1.2mL/min or less)
 Pressure Setting Range  0.0 – 15.0MPa (0.1MPa step)
 Drain Valve  Electroactuation
 Measuring Method  Loop measurement
 Sample Loop  300µL (500 µL loop is attached, 10 – 500µL loop is available)
 Reproducibility  CV 0.5 %
 Number of Vials  24
 Vial Volume  10 mL
 Temperature  Aluminum block heating, PID control (sample table)
 Control Method  
 Range  40 -220ºC
   (1ºC step, 10ºC higher than room temperature)
 Safety Systems  Monitoring by temperature sensor – embedded software,
   Thermostat (250ºC) – circuit, Door lock during table moving,
   Sample cup sensor, Needle crash sensor,
   Duct for local ventilation
 Valve Box (temperature control for injection valve)
 Method  Aluminum block heating, PID control
 Range  40 - 220ºC
   (1ºC step, 10ºC higher than room temperature)
 Maximum Pressure  15 MPa
 Safety Systems  Monitoring by temperature sensor – embedded software,
   Thermostat (250ºC) – circuit, Gas sensor
 Column Oven
 Method  Hot-air circulation, PID control
 Range  40 - 220ºC
   (1ºC step, 10ºC higher than room temperature)
 Column Capacity  30cm columns × 8, guardcolumn × 1, Inlinefilter × 1
 Safety Systems  Monitoring by temperature sensor – embedded software,
   Thermostat (250ºC) – circuit, Gas sensors (2) ,
   Door lock at high temperature, Door sensor, Liquid drain
 RI Detector
 Method  Bryce type double path and dual flow
 Light Source  Tungsten lamp
 Flow Cell  Made of quartz glass, volume; 10µL,
   Maximum pressure; 0.3MPa
 Drift  3 × 10-7 RIU/h (ODCB, 1.0 mL/min, 145ºC)
 Noise  1.5 × 10-8 RIU (ODCB, 1.0 mL/min, 145ºC, response; 3 s)
 Temperature Range  40 - 220ºC
   (1ºC step, 10ºC higher than room temperature)
 Safety Systems  Monitoring by temperature sensor – embedded software,
   Thermostat (250ºC) - circuit
 Drain Stocker
 Bottle  3L bottle × 1
 I/O Terminals
 PC Communication  USB
 Power Supply Ratings
 Voltage  AC 100 – 240V
 Frequency  50/60Hz
 Power consumption  1500VA
 Dimensions and Weight
 Outside Dimensions  1000 (W) × 650 (H) × 500 (D) mm (excluding projections)
 Weight  125kg