Mixed Mode Chromatography


TOYOPEARL MX-Trp-650M is a high capacity mixed-mode resin used for the purification of monoclonal antibodies and other proteins. This multi-modal resin maintains dynamic binding capacity (DBC) at elevated feedstock and buffer conductivities.

In addition to fast binding and elution kinetics, TOYOPEARL MX-Trp-650M minimizes the amount of WFI needed for either feedstock dilution during capture or column elution further downstream, leading to lower in-process pool volumes and higher throughput.

TOYOPEARL MX-Trp-650M maintains a high DBC even after extended CIP (clean in place) cycles using 0.5 mol/L NaOH.

Maintains DBC post CIP with 0.5 mol/L NaOH

Maintains DBC at Higher Conductivities

Excellent Elution Kinetics

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Pore size (mean) 100 nm
Particle size (mean) 75 µm 
Pressure rating 0.3 MPa
Shipping buffer  20% ethanol
pH stability 3 - 13

P/N Description Container size Particle size Adsorption capacity
0022818 Toyopearl MX-Trp-650M 100 mL 50 - 100 µm
≥ 75g IgG/L gel